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Radiant Collection Set

A new collection of beauty and skin care products that are under 2 years of formulation to every skin concern. Perfectly natural and safe to use anytime of the day. The Radiant collection has a mission to bring our skin to its brilliant and soft self. Resulting to people being RADIANTLY CONFIDENT.

Radiant Collection:

* Pouty Lips:
- Removes dead skin from the lips giving it a fresher look
- Boosts moisture providing a supple and softer feel
- Promotes Vitamin E deficiency giving your lips a more vibrant look

* Niacinamide
- Keeping skin more supple and less likely to form wrinkles through its hydration abilities.
- Minimizes appearance of pores which gives you a glass skin look and protects against sun damage.
* Eyelights:
- Increase collagen production, improving skin color
- Renews and resurfaces your skin while you sleep
- Moisturizes your skin to prevent ageing by dryness

* Spot Defy:
- An Arbutin, a lightening agent that inhibits melanin production
- Fade hyperpigmentation
- Brightens your overall complexion
- A Glycolic, that fights acne
- Reduces lines and wrinkles
- Exfoliate dead skin cells
- Hydrates dry skin

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