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Pouty Lips Radiant

Sometimes showing your best selves all the time is so tiresome with makeup, powders, & concealers that take time to apply. We all know we always don’t have time for that. Your best selves may even be better just by being looking fresh & radiant.

Simplicity in Skin care is your best way to manage a healthy, younger, fresh looking skin.

Dermstrata Radiant Collection aims to bring you all these & in an Always on-the-go size & can be used anytime you wish without all the fuss of remembering what time to use a product.

Whether you’re on a Date, at the office, commuting, or hanging out with friends. these simple products will help you get that Confidently Radiant Aura that you want.

Your new on-the-go Radiant Pouty Lips lip scrub will level up your confidence that removes dead skin cells on your lips while still being able to Infuse Moisture & Vitamin E that results in a more vibrant & kissable lips that your date or partner will surely remember.

& you only need 1-2 minutes to apply it. How fast!


- Witch Hazel Extract that magically removes dead skin cells

- Shea Butter to Moisturize your lips to get it plump, soft & very kissable
- Vitamin E to add that vibrant color to catch attention


In Real Life
- Results in Vibrant looking Lips
- Results in Plump & Soft Lips
- Apply anytime, anywhere
- Easy & Fast to use.
- Lightweight

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