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Eyesight's Radiant

Sometimes showing your best selves all the time is so tiresome with makeup, powders, & concealers that take time to apply. We all know we always don’t have time for that. Your best selves may even be better just by being looking fresh & radiant.

Simplicity in Skin care is your best way to manage a healthy, younger, fresh looking skin.

Dermstrata Radiant Collection aims to bring you all these & in an Always on-the-go size & can be used anytime you wish without all the fuss of remembering what time to use a product.

Whether you’re on a Date, at the office, commuting, or hanging out with friends. these simple products will help you get that Confidently Radiant Aura that you want.

Your new on-the-go Radiant Eyelights Eye bag Serum will highlight those eyes not the bags underneath. Eyelights will keep your skin energized with its cooling properties while Vitamin A helps increase collagen production to improve skin tone. Even when you’re tired in the office or in front of the screen Eyelights protects your skin by moisturizing the area to prevent dryness. It also creates a thin film an invisible eyepatch to further protect your skin from dryness

& you only need one roll under your eyes to apply it, about a second!. How fast & convenient!

- Vitamin A to Improve Collagen Production that results to improving skin color
- Retinyl Palmate to renew & resurface your skin.
- Argan Oil to moisturize & prevent ageing by dryness

In Real Life
- Lightweight
- easy to use
- cool under the eyes
- energizing
- addictive to use

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