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All About It

  • This is a non-invasive whitening treatment for face and underarms. It helps diminish skin discolorations and melasma.

What Happens Next?

  • Right after the treatment you will experience redness.

Some Reminders

  • Prevent the use of whitening product.

  • Avoid spicy food

  • Do not scratch or rub the treated area/s

  • Recommended is minimum of 5 series.

  • Should be done once every 2 weeks.


Single Session

Php 4,399.00

5 Sessions

 8 Sessions

Php 17,500.00

Php 25,000.00


Single Session

Php 3,299.00

5 Sessions

8 Sessions

Php 11,000.00

Php 16,000.00

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