starts at ₱14,999.00

All about it

  • It helps to improve the skin stone and tighten the skin

  • Non- Surgical procedure that uses fractional laser to breakdown stretch mark and improves the appearance of the skin.

What happens next

  • Slight stinging and itching sensation

  • Mild pain

  • Peeling and Scabbing of the layer of the skin but gradually diminish

Some Reminders

  • The treated area should not be washed overnight for the treatment to take full effect

  • We recommend to take at least 5 Sessions

  • This treatment should be done once every two weeks or twice every month

  • Apply anti-irritant 

  • Apply sunblock (expose area)

  • Wash the area gentle after 24 hours

  • Do not undergo procedure like peeling waxing after on the treated area

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