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All about it

  • For skin with mild to moderate break out of pimples, this is our signature Anti-acne treatment supplemented with Azelaic acid that quickly dries up pimples.

What happens next

  • Red skin that may sting slightly right after the treatment and subside within a few hours.

  • Redness that persists for up to seven days.

  • Skin that feels dry and tight starting the day after your peel.

  • Peeling for up to a week*

Some Reminders

  • After treatment, don't wash your face within 12-18 Hours

  • Don’t exfoliate with a scrub or cleansing brush. This can irritate your fresh, new skin.

  • Once your skin feels like it's back to its young self—about day 6—you can go back to your regular skin care regimen.

Keeping it up

Add On Treatments

Milia Removal (Add Ons)

Milia is known as milium cyst that occurs when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin.

Per Piece


Ultrasonic (Add Ons)

Removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating the outer layer of the skin

Per Session


Hydropeel (Add Ons)

Exfoliates the Skin, Cleanses the pores and rejuvenates 

Per Session


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