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Save your skin. From mild to extreme cases, we have that proven and effective treatment to address that zit on your face, and prevent/ treat acne scars

IL Injection

Helps to flatten & subside cystic acnes in the face

Acne Vulgaris

This is recommended for people with moderate to extreme cases

Glycolic Micropeel

This mild treatment helps cystic acnes faster with the use of different concentrations of fruit acids & licorice that are applied to the skin. Ideal also for pimples, blackheads & whiteheads

Back Treatment

A cleansing treatment which removes pimples & helps prevent acne breakouts.

Anti-Acne Azelaic

For skin with mild to moderate break out of pimples, this is our signature Anti-acne treatment supplemented with Azelaic acid that quickly dries up pimples.

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